Create clarity around your vision and the path to get you there.

Within a year of founding Puzzle as a B2B service consultancy, Brian aimed to shift towards a more scalable revenue model by developing a SaaS platform to complement his niche services.

Over a year, we collaborated to establish and implement the foundational approaches required to transition Brian's business, develop a 0 to 1 product roadmap, improve all surfaces requiring design, and create an organizational culture for his first hires to help him lead as he scales his business.

The company


Puzzle is a B2B business ops consultancy implementing technology to optimize and streamline business processes across teams so companies can work together with the big picture in mind.

$100k to $500k Founder B2B Service Idea

Chris will identify the most fruitful leverage points in your business, and execute to harvest that value.

Brian Ragone


Strategy SwaS Runway

After a couple of intensive weeks of getting to know Brian, his business, and his aspirations, we began exploring possible futures for his business and how we could navigate the journey toward success.

Product 0 to 1 Possibilities

Working alongside Brian and target customers, we explored pain points that customers need solved, built and tested prototypes, and added features with strong signals to the product roadmap.

Culture MVP Rocketship

We designed the foundations of organizational culture to help Brian effectively lead, grow, and empower a team that embodies the heart, spirit, and soul of Puzzle’s philosophy, brand, and customer experience.


Coaching The Culture Donut

Collaborating with Brian, we delved into various concepts surrounding organizational design and culture. In addition, we discussed his perspectives on leadership and management and his beliefs regarding multiple factors critical to establishing a robust leadership and management framework for his organization.

One of the crucial areas we focused on improving was his proficiency in utilizing culture to guide organizational thinking, develop systems and processes, ensure cultural quality control, and establish a unique competitive edge that is difficult to replicate as his business expands.

Workshops Collaboration is key

Puzzle utilized a blend of pre-designed and customized workshops to address specific problems. These workshops explored various topics, including customer pain points, product features, and developing multi-year company strategies and near-term operational roadmaps.

Our workshops also explored emerging technologies like blockchain, designing organizational and cultural leadership and management frameworks, developing systems and processes, and facilitating cross-functional dialogue and alignment across his growing team.

Consulting Close the gap between where you are and want to be

To successfully onboard into Brian's business, it was imperative to understand his methodology and approach to delivering value to customers, particularly at this early stage; I requested Brian share the books and reference materials that have shaped his philosophy and approach to expedite this process. Then, with a deeper insight into Brian's motivations and driving forces, we worked towards identifying crucial leverage points, addressing gaps, and focusing on critical areas to bridge the gap between the current state, the near-future transformation, and the long-term vision of the business.

Design From visual to product design

Puzzle faced extensive design requirements, from initial 0 to 1 product design and development to expanding the brand and visual identity and enhancing demand generation and sales materials.

By elevating the quality and cohesiveness of the visual design, products, and customer-facing deliverables, Puzzle successfully addressed critical business challenges, establishing trust and confidence with potential leads, effectively communicating the value and transformation its customers receive, and creating a delightful and joyful experience that is a cornerstone of the Puzzle experience.

Working together

Chris has an incredible ability to think expansively about problems, constantly providing new perspectives about how organizations can operate better. He is patient, humble and dedicated with those he works with, maintaining a safe space for debate and molding ideas. As a founder, he has used his strengths to unlock high leverage opportunities, and shows support and encouragement for my strengths.

Brian Ragone

Chris thinks of all the behind the scene things that people don’t recognize.

Michelle Pagnotta

The workshop gave me valuable insights and clarity for the current state and future direction of the company.

Bayli Payne