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A collection of leadership, management, and design case studies. Request access.

Improving net profit margin by 32.7% over two years by challenging the status quo and leading organizational change.

12 min read

Building a company-wide road map by facilitating a workshop and designing a strategic management framework for implementation.

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Helping families get access to insurance by streamlining the application process.

6 min read

Giving the most advanced team in NASCAR a new way to analyze data.

9 min read

Designing an award-winning experience to celebrate Atari's 40th Anniversary.

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Work with me

"I hired Chris to help as a Product Strategist with a defined scope of work. He wrote his own journey and identified places to build organizational foundation that I would've not considered valuable. After a month, his contributions have shaped the entire company vision, culture, and product direction. The impact in the future will set our company up for long-term success." "Chris is an amazing manager who truly cares about his reports, their growth and he does everything for his team to succeed." "Chris actively helps others succeed." "He gives you his vision, how he thinks you fit into it and then lets you go." "The result was an application that Microsoft now uses as a design reference for our other partners. Equally as important, Chris was able to deliver under an extremely demanding schedule." "Chris always cares about our team and wants the best for our team. I can see the sincerity in his words and behavior." "He challenges the status quo when it makes sense!"

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