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I help businesses build, lead, and manage design teams.

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"Chris has an incredible ability to think expansively about problems, constantly providing new perspectives about how organizations can operate better. He is patient, humble and dedicated with those he works with, maintaining a safe space for debate and molding ideas. As a founder, he has used his strengths to unlock high leverage opportunities, and shows support and encouragement for my strengths." "His thought leadership on culture, design strategy, and collaboration grabbed my interest immediately." "His viewpoints and practices for building and nurturing multidisciplinary teams are on point. He is a professional, knows what he is doing, and is extremely humble." "Chris is a deep thinker. He's also a rare combination: a craftsperson turned team leader, someone who actually knows the power of true, people-focused leadership and can execute on that." "When Chris creates a vision, it is for the company. His visions embody change and the risks that go with it. He puts in the work every day to make them come true."


UX Manager, Financial Services at Shopify
Design Director at gskinner
Owner of Caldwell Creative

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